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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

How to Find Music Lyrics

Have you ever heard a great song and wanted to look up the lyrics? Or you thought you heard a singer say something strange, so you want to find out what they really said? Here are a few places to look up music lyrics.

Lyrics.com offers a wide variety of music lyrics. You can look up by artist name, or search by artist name or song title. The site doesn't seem to have some newer songs, but it is a good place to look for older songs.

Astraweb has a larger collection of music lyrics. Again, you can look up by artist name, and search by song title or artist. You can also do a keyword search. If you know a word that appears in the title or artist name, but not the complete title/name, this is great. The site also shows you the top music lyrics searches of the day. Users can also rate a song.

Lyricsworld and azlyrics are good search engines for music lyrics as well. The sites also list lyrics, so that you can browse instead of search.

If you've ever heard a song on a television commercial, and it sounded so familiar but you couldn't put your finger on it... try songtitle. You can look up TV commercials by season/year, in easy to read charts. If you know that the commercial was for AT&T and aired in fall 2006, for example, you can find out the artist and song title. Sometimes you can even get a song clip.

By visiting christianmusic.about.com, you can find out who sang a particular Christian or gospel song. This is helpful if you know part of the title, or some lyrics.

Utilizing Yahoo Answers can help too. If you know the lyrics, but not the artist or song title, post what you know in your question. Chances are someone will recognize the words and remember the artist and/or song title.

If all else fails, try going to the official artist's site. Many times they will post music lyrics. Fan sites usually have lyrics as well. You can also try going to a radio station's website. Some stations post a list of the last five or ten songs they've played. This is especially helpful if you just heard a song and need to figure out the title and artist in order to look up the lyrics.