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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

noodle month

National Noodle Month (March):

Whether they’re fine, medium, wide or extra-wide, egg noodles conjure up
images of mom’s chicken noodle soup, classic tuna casserole, or even a sweet kugel.
Noodles are a feel-good food. Not surprisingly, consumption of noodles increases by
as much as 20 percent in January, February and March. In a salute to one of the
classic types of pasta, the National Pasta Association (NPA) presents some delicious
trivia followed by a short quiz to get you to use your noodle. Did you know:
As legend has it, noodles were first made by 13th century German bakers who fashioned
dough into symbolic shapes, such as words, birds and stars. These “nudels”
were then baked and served as bread.