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Saturday, June 10, 2006

The ‘desperate’ life of Marcia Cross

The ‘desperate’ life of Marcia Cross
After Hours Correspondent
Friday, March 03, 2006 18:19 IST

As the new season of ‘Desperate Housewives’ kicks off, Marcia Cross (aka Bree Van De Kamp) bares all on her character

It seems like in Season 2 on Star World, so much is going on with George and Andrew and Bree’s drinking -- is she going to be happier?
I don’t think Bree knows what would make her happy and that’s part of the problem. She doesn’t want to deal with everything and that’s why she’s drinking and trying to self-medicate.

Is Bree the most desperate housewife?
I guess that’s true. She’s the most desperate.

Are you still finding Bree exhausting to play?
Yes. I wish I could say it is easier but it is really not because she hasn’t been in any one emotional state for very long so it is constantly moving through different journeys with her.

What is the most difficult part of playing Bree?
Getting my own opinions and morals out of the way and aligning with hers. I’m constantly checking out my own thought process and going into somebody else’s, because hers are very different.

What are the characteristics that you actually like about Bree?
Well, even though she is wrong, she is very convinced and she loves her children very deeply. She sticks with her principals strongly; I can identify with that even if they are not mine. In the scene where I beg my son to go to Christian counselling, I had to get my thoughts out of the way because here is a woman who believes that her son is not going to have eternal life and she is going to lose him. Well, I can certainly identify with loss or what it would be like to do anything to get my child to be safe. It’s interesting how you can work your own moral code and substitute it.

How realistic are the expectations that like your characters, all you housewives get along in real life?
Well, we actually do adore each other. Are we like our characters? Well, no, but there are little twinges like Felicity has a couple of kids and Eva is hot. But we do actually get along great - even the men are fantastic.

Isn’t there the slightest competition going on because some get more attention than the others?
Last year Teri had a great year. This year is Felicity’s and it’s so deserved. It’s not about what trophy you get, we are all so lucky and supportive of each other. I think we are just all very grateful too. I mean this is an extraordinary experience.