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Monday, June 05, 2006

Nicolette Sheridan's awful plastic surgery

Ever since the new tv show Desperate Housewives hit the airwaves, I have been getting horrified emails about Nicolette Sheridan's appearance. The most common query is ,'What has she done to her face?' Well, lets see at the top.

It definitely looks like she's had a face lift. She's 41, yet look at how smooth her forehead looks; not a line to be seen. Her nose is also slimmer than it was in her Knots Landing days; not only is it slimmer, she's had an implant put in her nose to make it look longer. Nicole's always had a square face, but it looks even more square; could it be from cheek implants? Possibly. Overall, she looks pretty hard these days.
Here's what one fan had to say:

Has anyone taken a close look at Nicollete Sheridan in the interim between ‘Knot’s Landing’ and ‘Desperate Housewives’? She’s looking awfully “plumped” about the lips- and is it just me, or are her eyebrows up higher than they used to be?