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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

rachel ray 30 minute meal

rachel ray 30 minute meal

Rachael Ray is a love-her or hate-her kind of personality. Millions adore her quirkiness and down-to-earth style. Others, including many celebrity chefs and food writers, heap criticism upon her. Entire blogs are devoted to slamming the self-proclaimed Anti-Martha Stewart.

It’s easy to dismiss Rachael as an amateur chef. She uses boxed ingredients, she hates specialty foods in recipes, her food often has silly nicknames, and she uses abbreviations like EVOO for extra-virgin olive oil. She giggles when she cooks and makes juvenile comments. What her critics don’t understand is that Rachael is entertaining and that’s what people want.

One of 30 Minute Meal's trademark pieces is that Rachel collects all the ingrediants she needs for a dish from her "pantry" in one bowl and then brings in to the island workspace. I think this was originally meant to be a comical item because its really silly since her "pantry" is three feet away from her workspace.

Well, I'm sure the restaurants that are featured are in it for the publicity. What good would it do them to have hours of their business interrupted by their filming only to have her say that she doesn't like it? Of course she's going to say it's good! Also, the target demo of $40 a day are not exactly the kind of people who are risky and would venture anywhere too dirty or far off the beaten path.

As far as tipping, I read in one of her books that she has gotten many complaints about the low tips she leaves and she says the only reason they do it is because they have to stick to 40 a day. Apparently, off camera the crew leaves more money. And helps her with the food.

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