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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

k-fed plot

Police investigated a possible threat against Kevin Federline earlier this year, but closed the case because of insufficient evidence, authorities said Monday. The Los Angeles Police Department probed the allegations in June, but later determined there was not enough information to keep the investigation active, LAPD spokeswoman Norma Eisenman said.

"There is no current investigation," Eisenman said.

The FBI's Los Angeles field office received "nonspecific, uncorroborated allegations regarding a threat against Mr. Federline" and passed the information to the LAPD because it was not a federal matter, FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimiller said.

Eimiller declined to say when the FBI received the information and would not describe the threat.


pirate name test

Pirate Name Test

Step One

Start with the "What's My Pirate Name?" pirate name test at PirateQuiz. This site promises to scientifically decide your pirate name. Select your favorite color and answer questions about your leadership skills and whether or not you're charming. Complete the quiz to get your own pirate name and the HTML code to add the results to your site. In the search to find pirate names for me, this pirate name test dubbed me "Iron Mary Roberts."

Step Two

Try the pirate name test, which is more like a pirate name generator, at BlogThings. You simply enter your real name and whether you'd like a boy or girl pirate name, and then click submit to get it. It produced this pirate name for me: "Mad Tanya the Terrible."

Step Three

Use the pirate name test generator at GangstaName. All you need to do is enter your real name (last name optional) and select male or female and hit go. This pirate name test chose the following pirate name for me: Stinkin' Bella Smithe.

Step Four

Pick your favorite pirate name and sail away... or, add a link to the pirate name test on your web site or blog so others can join in the fun.


Saturday, October 27, 2007

emmy dresses

Emmy Dresses

Katherine Heigl of "Grey's Anatomy" is drop dead gorgeous in this pale, shimmery gown. We need a drool bucket, STAT! (Getty Images)

Debra Messing couldn't find a dress in time for the show, so opted for her lampshade instead.

Sandra Oh topped off her purple wrap Vera Wang gown with layers of bling that would make Mr. T proud.

Mariska Hargitay can investigate our crime scene anytime. Ok, that didn't really make sense, but check her out! Who can think straight while looking at her?

Black and white come together best in an Oreo cookie.

Is Barney this year's Emmy resident fashion advisor?

Is Cheryl Hines trying to emulate the Emmy poster behind her? If so, well done!

Eva Longoria provides a bright spot on the purple-possesed red carpet.

Eva Jennifer Love Hewitt sees dead people. We see hotness.

Is Heidi Klum ever not pregnant? And is she ever not stunning?

The best red-carpet interviewer Ryan Seacrest could say about Portia DeRossi's Zac Posen design was "You look very comfortable."

Kathy Griffins goes from mocking the red carpet attendees to being one.

Um, Tina Fey? Your lines are supposed to be funny. Your dress is not.

Tyra, it's the Emmys, not the Golden Globes. Cover those suckers up!

Now that "Malcolm in the Middle" is over, Jane Kaczmarek is ready to fly away in this red number.

"Grey's Anatomy" star Kate Walsh would have fared better in her scrubs than this clingy, shiny mess.

Kyra Sedgwick floats along the red carpet on a poofy grey disaster.

Simon Cowell, it's not 1972. Please button up the shirt and spare us the male porn star chest hair.

We're not loving this look, but Lorraine Bracco kind of scares us, so let's just move on...

Odd couple Calista Flockhart and Harrison Ford opt for basic black.

Jaime Pressley works her purple Badgley Mischka gown.

The always-gorgeous Felecity Huffman opts for a low-cut neutral gown.

Lisa Kudrow makes a brilliant "Comeback."


silverstone peta ad

silverstone peta ad

Like most people, I wasn’t always a vegetarian, but I’ve always loved animals. If you ever have a chance to meet a cow, pig, turkey, or goat, you will see that they are just as cute and funny as your dogs and cats and that they, too, want to live and feel love. They don’t like pain. Now when I see a steak, it makes me feel sad and sick because right away, I see my dog or the amazing cows I met at a sanctuary. I’ve been vegan for 10 years, and it’s the single-most important and helpful decision I have ever made. Physically, the effect has been amazing. Once I went vegan, I lost the weight I wanted to lose, my nails were stronger, and my skin was glowing. I feel great, and I look better now than I did 11 years ago.

Being vegan truly is the secret to my life’s joy and peace. I feel physically and spiritually better than I could have ever imagined knowing that I am doing everything I can to reduce animal suffering with simple lifestyle choices like being vegan, never wearing any products made from animals (like wool and leather), and buying only from companies that NEVER test their products or ingredients on animals.

Alicia Silverstone’s Sexy Veggie PSA
Order a FREE vegetarian starter kit at GoVeg.com


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

finding dental care

Finding Dental Care

The Bureau of Oral Health Services does not run dental clinics throughout the state, but provides funding to selected agencies to provide dental care. Below is a listing of ways you may be able to find dental care for you and your family.

Dental Treatment Programs in Ohio (also known as Safety Net Clinics)

These programs provide dental treatment services and generally are operated by local health departments, community health centers, hospitals and other organizations within a community. These programs typically serve patients covered by Medicaid and offer sliding fee schedules or reduced fees.

To see a list of these dental programs in your county, visit Safety Nets and click on the county of interest. This will take you to a drop-down menu of different health care providers and facilities. Selecting the "Dental Care Program" option will give you a list of dental care safety net programs in that county, including their addresses and phone numbers.


Dental OPTIONS (Ohio Partnership To Improve Oral health through access to Needed Services) is a program offered by the Ohio Department of Health in partnership with the Ohio Dental Association. OPTIONS helps uninsured Ohioans with special health care needs and/or financial barriers obtain dental care. After eligibility is determined, patients are matched with volunteer OPTIONS dentists who have agreed to provide dental care at reduced fees.

To find out how to obtain dental care through this program, visit OPTIONS.

Healthy Start/Healthy Families

Children (up to age 19) and pregnant women can get free & low cost dental care coverage through Healthy Start/Healthy Families, Ohio's Medicaid program administered through the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS). In addition to dental care, many other health care services such as doctor visits, prescriptions, hospital care and immunizations are covered.

To apply for Healthy Start/Healthy Families, visit the ODJFS Web site, and select the "Ohio Health Plans/Medicaid" option under "Popular Sites". Clicking on the "Consumers" option on this page will enable you to access information about the Healthy Start/Healthy Families program, including directions on how to apply.


madden 08 cheats

Madden NFL 08 Cheat Codes

As of right now there are no known working codes for Madden NFL 08 on the Xbox 360 video game system. If you know of any codes, cheats, or useful glitches for Madden NFL 08 send them in to me and I will post them here.


track your pet

Attention all pet lovers in Switzerland. If the thought of losing your dear pet is that you concern about all the time then worry no more. UK-based company introduces the PB100, an easy to use, light, and rainproof pet tracking device that offers real time finding data.

So how does it work? The PB100, which attaches to your pet’s collar, makes use of GPS and GSM technologies. The minute you realize that your beloved pet is missing, simply notify Locatis, a location tracking firm that works with Sarantel, via SMS/MMS, phone or over the Internet. Locatis then makes an calculation of the location of your pet and will notify you. The whole tracking process can be done in a very fast way!

"Now that the technology has improved and prices are going down, consumers (and their dogs) are salivating for new 'asset tracking' applications based on GPS/GSM technology,” said David Wither, Sarantel CEO.


Where is the best place to buy malaysia airline tickets?

There are over 20 websites that provide cheap malaysia airline tickets. Type in cheap tickets in your search engine and just shop around for the best offer. If the travel is on the table, try booking for a Tuesday outbound and a Thursday inbound because those are better days to get the cheapest deals.


west nile fever symptoms

Q. What are the symptoms of West Nile virus (WNV) infection?

A. Infection with WNV can be asymptomtic (no symptoms), or can lead to West Nile fever or severe West Nile disease.

It is estimated that about 20% of people who become infected with WNV will develop West Nile fever. Symptoms are fever, headache, fatigue, and body aches, occasionally with a skin rash (on the trunk of the body) and swollen lymph glands. While the illness can be as short as a few days, even healthy people have reported being sick for several weeks.

The symptoms of severe disease (also called neuroinvasive disease, such as West Nile encephalitis or meningitis or West Nile poliomyelitis) include headache, high fever, neck stiffness, stupor, disorientation, coma, tremors, convulsions, muscle weakness, and paralysis.

Q. What is the incubation period in humans (i.e., time from infection to onset of disease symptoms) for West Nile disease?

A. Usually 2 to 15 days.

Q. How long do symptoms last?

A. Symptoms of West Nile fever will generally last a few days, although even some healthy people report having the illness last for several weeks. The symptoms of severe disease (encephalitis or meningitis) may last several weeks, although neurological effects may be permanent.

Q. What is meant by West Nile encephalitis, West Nile meningitis, West Nile poliomyelitis, �neuroinvasive disease� and West Nile fever?

A. The most severe type of disease due to a person being infected with West Nile virus is sometimes called �neuroinvasive disease,� because it affects a person's nervous system. Specific types of neuroinvasive disease include: West Nile encephalitis, West Nile meningitis, West Nile meningoencephalitis and West Nile poliomyelitis. Encephalitis refers to an inflammation of the brain, meningitis is an inflammation of the membrane around the brain and the spinal cord, meningoencephalitis refers to inflammation of the brain and the membrane surrounding it, and poliomyelitis refers to an inflammation of the spinal cord.

West Nile Fever is another type of illness that can occur in people who become infected with the virus. It is characterized by fever, headache, tiredness, aches and sometimes rash. Although the illness can be as short as a few days, even healthy people have been sick for several weeks.

Q. If I have West Nile Fever, can it turn into West Nile encephalitis?

A. When someone is infected with West Nile virus (WNV) they will typically have one of three outcomes: No symptoms (most likely), West Nile fever (WNF in about 20% of people) or severe West Nile disease, such as meningitis or encephalitis (less than 1% of those who get infected). If you develop a high fever with severe headache, consult your health care provider.

West Nile fever is characterized by symptoms such as fever, body aches, headache and sometimes swollen lymph glands and rash. West Nile fever generally lasts only a few days, though in some cases symptoms have been reported to last longer, even up to several weeks. West Nile fever does not appear to cause any permanent health effects. There is no specific treatment for WNV infection. People with West Nile fever recover on their own, though symptoms can be relieved through various treatments (such as medication for headache and body aches, etc.).

Some people may develop a brief, WNF-like illness (early symptoms) before they develop more severe disease, though the percentage of patients in whom this occurs is not known.

Occasionally, an infected person may develop more severe disease such as “West Nile encephalitis,” “West Nile meningitis” or “West Nile meningoencephalitis.” Encephalitis refers to an inflammation of the brain, meningitis is an inflammation of the membrane around the brain and the spinal cord, and meningoencephalitis refers to inflammation of the brain and the membrane surrounding it. Although there is no treatment for WNV infection itself, the person with severe disease often needs to be hospitalized. Care may involve nursing IV fluids, respiratory support, and prevention of secondary infections.

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ragnarok skills tree

ragnarok skills tree

Ragnarok ("Doom of the Gods"), also called Gotterdammerung, means the end of the cosmos in Norse mythology. It will be preceded by Fimbulvetr, the winter of winters. Three such winters will follow each other with no summers in between. Conflicts and feuds will break out, even between families, and all morality will disappear. This is the beginning of the end.

The wolf Skoll will finally devour the sun, and his brother Hati will eat the moon, plunging the earth [into] darkness. The stars will vanish from the sky. The cock Fjalar will crow to the giants and the golden cock Gullinkambi will crow to the gods. A third cock will raise the dead.

The earth will shudder with earthquakes, and every bond and fetter will burst, freeing the terrible wolf Fenrir. The sea will rear up because Jormungand, the Midgard Serpent, is twisting and writhing in fury as he makes his way toward the land. With every breath, Jormungand will stain the soil and the sky with his poison. The waves caused by the serpent's emerging will set free the ship Naglfar, and with the giant Hymir as their commander, the giants will sail towards the battlefield. From the realm of the dead a second ship will set sail, and this ship carries the inhabitants of hell, with Loki as their helmsman. The fire giants, led by the giant Surt, will leave Muspell in the south to join against the gods. Surt, carrying a sword that blazes like the sun itself, will scorch the earth.

Meanwhile, Heimdall will sound his horn, calling the sons of Odin and the heroes to the battlefield. From all the corners of the world, gods, giants, dwarves, demons and elves will ride towards the huge plain of Vigrid ("battle shaker") where the last battle will be fought. Odin will engage Fenrir in battle, and Thor will attack Jormungand. Thor will victorious, but the serpent's poison will gradually kill the god of thunder. Surt will seek out the swordless Freyr, who will quickly succumb to the giant. The one-handed Tyr will fight the monstrous hound Garm and they will kill each other. Loki and Heimdall, age-old enemies, will meet for a final time, and neither will survive their encounter. The fight between Odin and Fenrir will rage for a long time, but finally Fenrir will seize Odin and swallow him. Odin's son Vidar will at once leap towards the wolf and kill him with his bare hands, ripping the wolf's jaws apart.

Then Surt will fling fire in every direction. The nine worlds will burn, and friends and foes alike will perish. The earth will sink into the sea.

After the destruction, a new and idyllic world will arise from the sea and will be filled with abundant supplies. Some of the gods will survive, others will be reborn. Wickedness and misery will no longer exist and gods and men will live happily together. The descendants of Lif and Lifthrasir will inhabit this earth.


datasheets semiconductor

A semiconductor is a material with an electrical conductivity that is intermediate between that of an insulator and a conductor. A semiconductor behaves as an insulator at very low temperatures, and has an appreciable electrical conductivity at room temperature although much lower conductivity than a conductor. Commonly used semiconducting materials are silicon, germanium, gallium arsenide and indium phosphide.

The distinction between a semiconductor and an insulator is slightly more arbitrary. A semiconductor has a band gap which is small enough such that its conduction band is appreciably thermally populated with electrons at room temperature, whilst an insulator has a band gap which is too wide for there to be appreciable thermal electrons in its conduction band at room temperature.

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Thursday, June 28, 2007

top offshore

TOP Offshore b.v. is a sister company of TOP (Training Organisatie Personeel) b.v. During the last few years QA – HS &E activities for clients in the Offshore and Dredging industry increased significantly. They think that it earns a own face and profile which makes it possible to increase transparency and the quality of their service. TOP Offshore provide the QA- HS &E Manager or Engineer for your project. More and more clients require a permanent QA – HS &E specialist on location for the duration of the project. In the offshore industry that is already for years a standard regulation, now also in the dredging industry this increases.

For more information visit http://www.top-offshore.nl/brochure%20tekst.htm


herbert gr

Herbert Grönemeyer is a German musician and actor and is very popular in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. He starred as war correspondent Lieutenant Werner in Wolfgang Petersen's movie "Das Boot", but later concentrated on his musical career. His fifth album "4630 Bochum" (1984) was the best-selling German language record of all time. In 2002 he achieved his first number one single with "Mensch" from the album of the same name, which was strongly influenced by the 1998 deaths of his wife Anna and brother Wilhelm (both dying within one week of cancer).

Herbert's forays into the English language have met with very little success as his typical lyrics, full of wordplay, proved impossible to translate well. He remains mostly unknown outside the German language countries.

He recently recorded the official anthem to the 2006 FIFA World Cup, 'Zeit, dass sich was dreht'. It topped the German charts for numerous weeks.


Play sonic games

Definition of sonic: having to do with the velocity (speed) of sound (specifically as opposed to ultrasonic, qv).

Definition of game: a contest with rules to determine a winner; "you need four people to play this game"

Where should you go to play sonic games? There are some internet adresses like http://www.sonicstadium.org/games/
or http://www.arcadetown.com/sonichedgehog/playgame.asp or http://www.freeaddictinggames.com/game/adventure-games/sonic-the-hedgehog.html or


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Daily pun

Definition of "pun" from Merriam-Webster dictionary:

Etymology: perhaps from Italian puntiglio fine point, quibble -- more at PUNCTILIO
: the usually humorous use of a word in such a way as to suggest two or more of its meanings or the meaning of another word similar in sound

The Daily Pun is a viral website that was born from the frustration of modern-life. See future news headlines, controversial opinions and weird items from across the net.


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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

sports cream death

A medical examiner blamed a 17-year-old track star's death on the use of too much muscle cream, the kind used to soothe aching legs after physical exercise.

Arielle Newman, a cross-country runner at Notre Dame Academy on Staten Island, died after her body absorbed high levels of methyl salicylate, an anti-inflammatory found in sports creams such as Bengay and Icy Hot, the New York City medical examiner said Friday.

The medical examiner's spokesperson, Ellen Borakove, said the teen used "topical medication to excess." She said it was the first time that her office had reported a death from using a sports cream.

Newman, who garnered numerous track awards, died April 13. She had gone to a party the night before, then returned home and spent hours talking with her mother.

Methyl salicylate poisoning is unusual, and deaths from high levels of the chemical are rare.

"Chronic use is more dangerous than one-time use," Edward Arsura, chairman of medicine at Richmond University Medical Center, told the Staten Island Advance on Friday. "Exercise and heat can accentuate absorption."

Her mother, Alice Newman, said she still couldn't believe her daughter's death was caused by a sports cream.

"I am scrupulous about my children's health," she told the Advance. "I did not think an over-the-counter product could be unsafe."


Anand Jon Arrested!

With his mother and sister yelling and looking on, celeb creator Anand Jon was arrested on 12th June 2007 by Beverly Hills Police inside a Beverly Hills court, on a warrant issued for him in Dallas, Texas last Thursday.

Anand is suspect of three counts of committing sexual assault with a nonaged in the state of Texas. He's already facing 46 criminal counts involving alleged sexual activity in California.


mars liquid water

Traces of a mineral -- indicative of water -- have been found all over Mars' surface, suggesting liquid water does or did exist on the red planet. But the low quantities of the mineral mean it's unlikely Mars ever had oceans or large lakes, a new study concludes.

The investigation of surface dust by NASA's orbiting Mars Global Surveyor also sheds light on a longstanding atmospheric mystery.

Scientists suppose Mars once had a thick atmosphere of carbon dioxide, but they can't figure out where it went. Today the atmosphere is thin, less than 1 percent of the pressure on Earth at sea level. Did the carbon dioxide escape into space? Or was it absorbed into the surface?

It appears to be trapped in the dust and rock, Arizona State University's Joshua Bandfield said in a telephone interview.

Water: The main goal

Liquid water is one of the two most highly sought things in any good Mars investigation. The other is life, which requires liquid water, insofar as biologists know. NASA's guiding principle for its massive financial investment in Mars is, therefore, to "follow the water."

Sorting out theories

Many scientists agree that some sort of flowing material has worked in the past to carve huge canyons on Mars. They disagree over whether it was water or carbon dioxide.

Whatever the material, a view has emerged in recent years that the erosion was catastrophic, coming in explosive bursts fueled by extreme variations of climate over relatively short periods of geologic time. Perhaps, according to one group of theorists, carbon dioxide was trapped and pressurized and then released like a gargantuan, shaken soda in volcanic eruptions.

The big question is whether things ever settled down long enough for water to sit still.

Back to the air

The conclusion dovetails nicely with the recent discovery of water ice embedded in just about the entire surface of Mars. Data from NASA's Odyssey spacecraft indicates there may be more ice than dirt in many areas.

"This really points to a cold, frozen, icy Mars that has probably always been that way, as opposed to a warm, humid, ocean Mars sometime in the past," Christensen said. "People have argued that early in Mars history, maybe the climate was warmer and oceans may have formed and produced extensive carbonate rock layers. If that were the case, the rocks formed in those putative oceans should be somewhere."

Mars vs. Earth vs. Venus

"On Earth, the vast majority of that early, thick carbon dioxide atmosphere has been subsequently locked up in the carbonate rocks, which are everywhere thanks to the Earth's oceans," Christensen said. "We went from a mostly carbon dioxide atmosphere to one where it is only a minor player. On Mars, it doesn't look like that happened."

And on Venus, the carbon dioxide led to what scientists call a runaway greenhouse effect that creates searing temperatures on the surface.

On Mars, a different development of air resulted in a dry, cold world.

"If you form enough carbonates, pretty soon your atmosphere goes away," Bandfield said. "If that happens, you can no longer have liquid water on the surface because you get to the point where liquid water is not stable."

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Monday, June 18, 2007

Dancing cadet

You can see a video clip at http://www.kktv.com/news/headlines/7678807.html

Nowadays everybody's got a videocamera, including cadets at the U.S. Air Force Academy.

So back in 2005, Cadet Brian Stoops decided to have a little fun at his roommate's expense by videotaping Jeff Pelehec's private dorm-room dancing. Think a cooler Napoleon Dynamite, with short hair.

The video went viral, may even have helped define the term "viral" -- or so says this Wikipedia entry. Yes, Pelehec has his own Wikipedia entry.

But why now, two years after the fact? Defense Secretary Robert Gates mentioned Pelehec during his speech to the Academy graduating class of 2007 last month.
"To learn about the dangers of dancing in your dorm room and yes, I've seen the video," joked Gates. "So the next time your mirror beckons you to bust a move, remember the dancing cadet."

'Dancing Cadet' graduates from Air Force Academy

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Shemar Moore DUI -- The Young & Arrested

According to the CHP arrest reportobtained by TMZ, the former "Young and the Restless" star was pulled over after officers noticed the actor speeding near Santa Monica Blvd. at 1:30 AM. After he was stopped, cops reported that Moore "displayed signs of alcohol impairment and a DUI investigation was conducted." Moore was then arrested and transported to a nearby station, where he took a breath test and was later booked.

Moore, who currently stars in "Criminal Minds," was released a few hours later on $5000 bail.

Calls to Moore's rep were not immediately returned.