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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

pirate name test

Pirate Name Test

Step One

Start with the "What's My Pirate Name?" pirate name test at PirateQuiz. This site promises to scientifically decide your pirate name. Select your favorite color and answer questions about your leadership skills and whether or not you're charming. Complete the quiz to get your own pirate name and the HTML code to add the results to your site. In the search to find pirate names for me, this pirate name test dubbed me "Iron Mary Roberts."

Step Two

Try the pirate name test, which is more like a pirate name generator, at BlogThings. You simply enter your real name and whether you'd like a boy or girl pirate name, and then click submit to get it. It produced this pirate name for me: "Mad Tanya the Terrible."

Step Three

Use the pirate name test generator at GangstaName. All you need to do is enter your real name (last name optional) and select male or female and hit go. This pirate name test chose the following pirate name for me: Stinkin' Bella Smithe.

Step Four

Pick your favorite pirate name and sail away... or, add a link to the pirate name test on your web site or blog so others can join in the fun.