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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

track your pet

Attention all pet lovers in Switzerland. If the thought of losing your dear pet is that you concern about all the time then worry no more. UK-based company introduces the PB100, an easy to use, light, and rainproof pet tracking device that offers real time finding data.

So how does it work? The PB100, which attaches to your pet’s collar, makes use of GPS and GSM technologies. The minute you realize that your beloved pet is missing, simply notify Locatis, a location tracking firm that works with Sarantel, via SMS/MMS, phone or over the Internet. Locatis then makes an calculation of the location of your pet and will notify you. The whole tracking process can be done in a very fast way!

"Now that the technology has improved and prices are going down, consumers (and their dogs) are salivating for new 'asset tracking' applications based on GPS/GSM technology,” said David Wither, Sarantel CEO.